Lasai – Fyah

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Fyah” es el duodécimo single de Cool Up Records, canción con la que celebran su primer aniversario y que en esta ocasión cuenta con la gran voz del artista Lasai.
“Fyah“ es una canción en cuya temática el fuego es protagonista y que además es la segunda vez que el artista manchego y el sello sevillano se juntan en una producción muy cuidada y fresca.

Como ya nos tiene acostumbrados, el apartado artístico que acompaña y presenta la canción es obra de Mr John Vanilla.



Compuesto y producido por Cool Up Records

Letra: Lasai

Mezcla: Mario García en Legalize Sound estudio

Máster: Ibon Larruzea en Euridia estudios

Cover: Mr John Vanilla

Guitarra: Juan José Valiente

Teclados: Franyah Tiken

Batería: Alberto Gutiérrez (Pireo)

Bajo: Franyah Tiken & Mario García

Percusión: Mario García

VirtuS – Dem fi know

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Dem fi Know” is the fifth single from Cool Up Records, this time with the powerful voice of Virtus, one of the most prolific artists in the Reggae scene in Italy. The song is a “killer tune” with shades of Rub a Dub and Dancehall of the 90s, in which Virtus shows us an impeccable style using his vocal versatility and talent. This track is a proof of the freshness that characterize the sound of Cool Up Records. About the name and the topic of the song, Virtus insists us on “letting them know what his lifestyle is, his passion for Dancehall music and encourages people who think twice to shout loudly and dance”.

This song is just a sneak peek of what would be the Virtus’ new EP alongside Cool Up Records. How it is fequent, the illustration has been made by the authentic and original Mr John Vanilla.


Lyrics by Virtus
Mixed by Mario García at Legalize Sound
Mastered by Ibon Larruzea at Estudios Euridia
Guitar by Davide Gagliano
Keyboards by Franyah Tiken (Alameda Sound)
Drums by Alberto Gutiérrez
Bass by Franyah Tiken & Mario García
Percussion by Mario García
Artwork by Mr John Vanilla

Lasai – Beware

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Beware” is the third single by Cool Up Records who in this occasion have the special participation of Lasai, one of the most outstanding artists in Spain who recently released his new album “Still the same”.

Beware is a digital Reggae song whose melodies and bassline have been recorded with the classic keyboard Casio MT-40, an essential musical instrument in the 80s digital Reggae era. Its emergence in this context was introduced by the pioneer King Jammys, with his international hit Sleng Teng.

In “Beware” the artist from Madrid wants to show the harsh reality of this oppressor and deceiving system we are living in, advising it to beware for one day the masses will awake.

As usual the illustration has been made by the authentic and original Mr John Vanilla.


Produced: Cool Up Records

Lyrics and vocals: Lasai

Mixed: Mario García at Legalize Sound Studio

Mastered: Ibon Larruzea at Estudios Euridia

Artwork design & illustration: Mr John Vanilla

Keyboards & bass: Franyah Tiken (Alameda Sound)

Drums: Mario García

Mowty Mahlyka – Dancehall Saviour

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Dancehall Saviour” is the second single by Cool Up Records, this time bringing the powerful voice of Mowty Mahlyka,  singer from the U.K. coming a long way in the European scene. A digital reggae song recorded with a Casio WK-3800 keyboard, which topic is dedicated to all soundsystem culture lovers. At the same time, it is a sneak peek from Mowty’s new album with Cool Up Records, that will released on early 2019. As usual the illustration has been made by the authentic and original Mr John Vanilla who portaits the artist as a superhero willing to save the dancehall.


Lyrics: Mowty Mahlyka

Mixed: Mario García at Legalize Sound Studio

Mastered: Ibon Larruzea at Euridia Studio

Keyboards: Franyah Tiken (Alameda Sound)

Drums and percussion: Mario García

Bass: Franyah Tiken

Payoh SoulRebel – Sweet Music

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Sweet Music” is the title of the first single of the new Reggae label Cool Up Records, with the great voice of Payoh Soul Rebel. Where he sings about the sweetness of music and its healing power in our lives. This song is just a sneak peek of which would be the very first album of Payoh, to be released on January 2018, exclusively produced by Cool Up Records.


Production: Cool Up Records

Lyrics and voice: Payoh Soul Rebel

Mixed: Mario García (Legalize Sound)

Mastered: Ibon Larruzea (Estudios Euridia)

Artwork: Mr John Vanilla

Guitars: Davide Gagliano

Drums: Tunelon Iration

Keyboards and melody: Mario García

Bass: Mario García y Franyah Tiken (Alameda Sound)