Mowty Mahlyka – Dancehall Saviour

Digital downloads / streaming

Dancehall Saviour” is the second single by Cool Up Records, this time bringing the powerful voice of Mowty Mahlyka,  singer from the U.K. coming a long way in the European scene. A digital reggae song recorded with a Casio WK-3800 keyboard, which topic is dedicated to all soundsystem culture lovers. At the same time, it is a sneak peek from Mowty’s new album with Cool Up Records, that will released on early 2019. As usual the illustration has been made by the authentic and original Mr John Vanilla who portaits the artist as a superhero willing to save the dancehall.


Lyrics: Mowty Mahlyka

Mixed: Mario García at Legalize Sound Studio

Mastered: Ibon Larruzea at Euridia Studio

Keyboards: Franyah Tiken (Alameda Sound)

Drums and percussion: Mario García

Bass: Franyah Tiken