Payoh SoulRebel – Sweet Music

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Sweet Music” is the title of the first single of the new Reggae label Cool Up Records, with the great voice of Payoh Soul Rebel. Where he sings about the sweetness of music and its healing power in our lives. This song is just a sneak peek of which would be the very first album of Payoh, to be released on January 2018, exclusively produced by Cool Up Records.


Production: Cool Up Records

Lyrics and voice: Payoh Soul Rebel

Mixed: Mario García (Legalize Sound)

Mastered: Ibon Larruzea (Estudios Euridia)

Artwork: Mr John Vanilla

Guitars: Davide Gagliano

Drums: Tunelon Iration

Keyboards and melody: Mario García

Bass: Mario García y Franyah Tiken (Alameda Sound)