Cool Up Records – What a Vibe (LP)

Portada What a Vibe by Payoh SoulRebel and Cool Up Records
Portada What a Vibe by Payoh SoulRebel and Cool Up Records

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“What a Vibe” (2018) is Payoh SoulRebel‘s first solo album under the exclusive production of Cool Up Records, a young record label from Seville (Spain), formed by Alameda Sound & Legalize Sound. The album is a tribute to the Jamaican deep/pure music, what we have grown with, enjoying so. The main style is Reggae Roots, with Rocksteady shapes and Early Digital from the 80’s. The album name is about all the energy that it gives off, from the creation process to the final message that it transmits. The love to the music, the happiness and the positivity are some of the topics that Payoh SoulRebel sings demonstrating mastery and elegance, through his excellent voice..

The album includes two songs featuring some of the most appealing singers in the Seville’s reggae scene,Tunelon Iration and Burian Fyah. Another artist from Seville who appears in the album is Variedub, a reggae producer who has made a unique dub version for the album. In this way, they want to keep and share all the human and musical quality from their hometown.

As usual, in every Cool Up Records work the art has been made by the original and creative Mr John Vanilla, the label’s official art director. Who always convey with his illustrations his particular point of view on the project, in this occasion with the assistance of Delvina Mckinson


  • Production, composition & arrangements: Cool Up Records (Alameda Sound & Legalize Sound)
  • Lyrics and vocals: Payoh SoulRebel
  • Brass arrangements: Alex Hazas
  • Mix: Mario García en Legalize Sound estudio
  • Mastering: Ibón Larruzea at Estudios Euridia
  • Artwork: Mr John Vanilla & Delvina McKinson


  • Tunelon Iration: Drums & Kete. Vocals “Happiness“
  • Francisco Narbona: Keyboards and bass
  • Mario García: Keyboards, bass, percussion and melodica
  • Davide Gagliano: Guitar
  • Alex Hazas: Sax and flute
  • Urtzi Martín: Trumpet
  • Diego Martínez: Clav and hammond on “Move ya“
  • Juan José Valiente: Rythm guitar on “Lone Ranger“ and lead guitar on “Move ya“
  • Suso Díaz: Lead guitar and harmonica on “Lone Ranger“
  • Rafael Arcos: Rythm guitar on “Move ya“
  • Curro Barroso (Variedub): Dub version on “Sweet Music“
  • Burian Fyah: Vocals on “Time to Refresh“
  • Payoh SoulRebel: Vocals and backing vocals

Cool Up Records – Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger, the first videoclip of the label alongside Payoh SoulRebel. Produced and filmed by Roge Gonzalez from Visionarios Pro team with the help of Javi Leria in the fx area. Starring: David Sainz from Different Entertainment and creator of the web-serie «Malviviendo», Rafael Romero, Álvaro Pérez and Guille Garabato. Usuals on Diffferent Enterteinment.

Long Ranger is a short tale from the far west that tells the story of an old Sheriff who has to defend his village from the menace of a bunch of hideous outlaws. This song is the second pre-release of the first LP of the artist Payoh SoulRebel coming out this january of 2018 under the exclusive production of Cool Up Records.

Payoh SoulRebel – Sweet Music

Digital downloads / streaming

Sweet Music” is the title of the first single of the new Reggae label Cool Up Records, with the great voice of Payoh Soul Rebel. Where he sings about the sweetness of music and its healing power in our lives. This song is just a sneak peek of which would be the very first album of Payoh, to be released on January 2018, exclusively produced by Cool Up Records.


Production: Cool Up Records

Lyrics and voice: Payoh Soul Rebel

Mixed: Mario García (Legalize Sound)

Mastered: Ibon Larruzea (Estudios Euridia)

Artwork: Mr John Vanilla

Guitars: Davide Gagliano

Drums: Tunelon Iration

Keyboards and melody: Mario García

Bass: Mario García y Franyah Tiken (Alameda Sound)