Lasai – Beware

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Beware” is the third single by Cool Up Records who in this occasion have the special participation of Lasai, one of the most outstanding artists in Spain who recently released his new album “Still the same”.

Beware is a digital Reggae song whose melodies and bassline have been recorded with the classic keyboard Casio MT-40, an essential musical instrument in the 80s digital Reggae era. Its emergence in this context was introduced by the pioneer King Jammys, with his international hit Sleng Teng.

In “Beware” the artist from Madrid wants to show the harsh reality of this oppressor and deceiving system we are living in, advising it to beware for one day the masses will awake.

As usual the illustration has been made by the authentic and original Mr John Vanilla.


Produced: Cool Up Records

Lyrics and vocals: Lasai

Mixed: Mario García at Legalize Sound Studio

Mastered: Ibon Larruzea at Estudios Euridia

Artwork design & illustration: Mr John Vanilla

Keyboards & bass: Franyah Tiken (Alameda Sound)

Drums: Mario García